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Hi you guys. So it’s definitely been almost a year since I last blogged here. Where has the time gone? A lot of things have happened for me, and for you, and I’m sure none of you even remember that this little corner of the internet exists. We shall see.

Loads of huge changes are happening on my end. Some of which I can fill you in on, others of which must remain in the real world and not scattered on the internet. These changes include graduating from college, among other things.

I have to say though, I’m quite excited to be back and blogging again. I’ve been enticing myself with coming back to this blog all semester, and now that it’s over… here I am!

So, taking stock (post inspiration from Kaity at Lovely Friend).

making lots of food. The friend I’m staying with right now has enthusiastically agreed that I can take over dinner duty. I’m terribly excited to be back in the kitchen, since dorm life isn’t really conducive to culinary artistry. Not that I’m an artist in the kitchen, but I do enjoy working with food. Plus, not having to do the dishes afterwards as a part of our bargain is pretty fantastic.

drinking rosé, since it is summer. And lots of tea, both hot and cold.

wanting a way to skip transitions. But it doesn’t really work that way, does it?

watching Lizzie Bennet Diaries again. If you haven’t seen them, they’re worth your while, and will probably get you laughing and addicted and all that jazz.

reading Ella Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend. I’ve heard great things about this series, so I’m looking forward to digging into it.

listening to Celtic Woman’s new-ish CD, PJ Harvey, and Fall Out Boy. So really, a mishmash of everything.

eating cheese, as always. I’m not joking… I am literally eating cheese as I write this post.

wishing that it was actually fall instead of summer, because I can’t stand summer and humidity. Bleh.

enjoying blogging again. I’ve missed you, little corner of the internet! It was nice to come on and do some summer cleaning. More than anything though, it’s nice to finally be doing some writing for me again. Ah, the trials of being an English major…

hoping that I get everything done that needs to happen over the next two weeks. There are a lot of moving parts happening as I finish up work and move, etc.

needing more time (see above), but to be fair, I don’t want more time. I’d like to pack up and leave right away. But I have to be an adult now, apparently, so I need more time to leave well.

following almost no one right now in the blog world. Do you want to recommend a blog for me to check out? Leave your blog link in the comments and tell me why you like it, or why you think I would!

feeling oddly happy and excited. And insane, because transitions are messy little beasts.

wearing a new favorite top from Lucy and Laurel with yoga pants. Not exciting, but comfy.

bookmarking this great article about living in a monastery as well as this site for booking multiple flights for a round-the-world trip (you know, in my dreams).

loving seeing so many people as I depart my college town. I’m so #blessed to be surrounded by an amazing group of people. Honestly, I may have a degree now, but more than that, I have lifelong friends and colleagues, and I’m so grateful for that.

I’m laughing at myself as I do a few updates on the backend of this site – my last posts have had one-word titles, and the design is attempting that minimal/hipster flare that’s so popular (or was last year, or two years ago? I’m out of touch). But the backend is so ridiculously complex and messy – likely the result of the many renditions of this site that have been published throughout the years.

I think it’s suggestive, and more than a little ironic, that all my attempts for a “minimalist” design and style have created a behind the scenes that is such the opposite of that. As I uninstall plugins that are no longer used or useful, I’m convinced that my blog should be used more often and perhaps more openly to reflect who I am instead of who I’d like to be. I’ve seen this complaint with the growing popularity of Instagram – we ‘grammers tend to put up pictures of the most perfect or enviable parts of our lives. (To be fair, these are the ones that get the most likes.)

But sometimes the mess behind is bigger than the perfection on top… and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I began thinking about this while making breakfast this morning. I was making pancakes, which were beautiful (and delicious).


But sadly, the making of them was far messier than this picture betrays. See?


I don’t think it’s fair to discount the beauty and tastiness of a gorgeous plate of pancakes just because the chef is messy. But it’s also not fair to lead you on and make you think that these pancakes sprang into being with no effort or mess.

So there. That is my new blogging manifesto – probably influenced by the 1+ year that I’ve spent working in marketing and communications… researching, crafting strategies, and publishing for the purpose of engagement. While that’s absolutely important, I don’t feel the need to be that person as an individual online.

Perhaps we’d all be much happier online if we freed ourselves from the chains of perfectly represented lives and personal branding…