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Since I’ve been blogging here for six years, I thought I’d publish a re-introduction post. If you’ve been following for a long time, then you’ll realize that I’ve moved from high school to college, from farm life to city life, in the span of those years. If you’re a new follower, then we probably haven’t had the chance to get acquainted at all! Just a few basics then: I’m a 19 year old college student, finishing up her sophomore year of school at Marymount, a private university in the Washington DC area. I went into school as a Communications major,

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I woke up that morning to rain pounding on the windowsill, little droplets colliding against the glass, hurling themselves against it like kamikaze pilots. From downstairs, the clatter of plates and silverware meant that my parents were already awake, scrambling eggs and cooking sausage in well-worn pans on the gas range. I roll over, trying not to wake my little sister, still sleeping soundly on the other side of the bed. She’d probably crawled into the bed early in the morning, before I’d woken up. She stirs gently as I fumble for the light switch. “Is it morning yet?” Yes.

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April 7, 2014

Six Years of Blogging

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Farmgirl Writes

This blog’s anniversary snuck up on me – I woke up this morning and remembered that hey, I’ve been blogging for six years as of this week. And we’ve come a long way. I think I first started blogging in 2008 under a pen name. The blog was created to keep track of my creative writing projects, but as more and more lifestyle posts snuck their way into the schedule (hello, awkward cat posts), I started to rethink the purpose of my blog. So, sometime that year, Farmgirl Writes was born. I still have, I think, my first header. (Actually,

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