For Sale

Cute Tortoiseshell Cat
About three years old.
Has tendency to be mischievous.
Likes food.
Too much…
Gets offended easily.
Attitude = over 10x of total body weight.
Steals beds….
Hates schoolwork…
Needs royal treatment…
Is professional model…
Comes in bag…
Price = highest offer.
Small print: offer may not be available at all retail locations. No compensation for injuries caused by angry cat. Current owner may suffer from depression, heartache, and other related injuries because of sale, so therefore has the right to confiscate cat back. This listing may be a joke, call retail for details. 

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  1. Hahaha!!! Cute cat! Does he snuggle? In Christ,Grace

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  3. I think if I bought her I'd have to give her back to you. I remember when she was a tiny baby, soaking wet and crying under the back porch. Then later when she disappeared and we rejoiced when she returned. No way. She's not for sale. You two belong together like salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, tripping and falling(I take that one personally).You are her forever human!Love, Mom

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