I Was Gone for How Long? Giveaway Winner!

Wait, what? I was gone for how long? *goes to look at last post* I haven’t posted since last Monday?
Well, we have a lot to catch up on then. Right?
Are you all still out there?
Are you lost in cyberspace?
Or maybe you’re buried in schoolwork like yours truly?
*jumps up and down like a lunatic*

Anyhow, in all seriousness, I do have a lot to tell you guys (and gals). First, I’m going to tell you who won my CSN Stores giveaway.

*cues music*
*reaches in magic… umm random.org “bucket”*
Congratulations to April, who won a $20 gift code to any CSN store! I think I know what she’ll be using it on. šŸ˜‰ April, playing kitchen with my sisters is a very fond memory of mine. We would play for hours on end with our little plastic kitchen, and an inordinate amount of plastic food that we’d collected over the years. I definitely hope your kids enjoy it as much as my sisters and I did. 
(images from CSNstores.com)


April also noted in one of her comments that she is “loving reading about Peter and Opal”. (Thanks! I’m having so much fun documenting it!) This week, Peter and Opal had two run-ins – both of which turned out badly for…
Are you starting to notice a trend here?
I’m glad I’m not the only one.
Actually, Opal had a short-lived “haha” moment. 
Repeat the part about it being short-lived.
The next day…
As my friend Bharat so awesomely stated on my last post:
Peter: 3
Opal: 1
What do you think?

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