2010 – Beauty

It’s almost 2011? It’s hard to believe, isn’t it? In a few days, I’ll make the same mistake I always make – I’ll write ’10 on a school paper instead of ’11.
So I guess not a lot will change, right?
Other than the date?

To celebrate the end of the year, I’m doing a post with some of my favorites… 
But it’s not going to be about me. 
I’m posting the photography and design/beautiful blogs that make me want to:
jump up and down, 
everything in between. 
The ones I read that are absolutely gorgeous, that celebrate beauty. 

Also, I didn’t ask any of the owners of the photographs before using them. Most of them are watermarked, and I’m including a link to each blog/site. 

Aren’t they all gorgeous? Stop by a couple, if you get a chance…
Happy New Year to you all! 

2 Replies to “2010 – Beauty”

  1. Fantastic photos!
    A year older and a year wiser. Be thankful. Many people in 2010 did not get a chance for either. God Bless you, and a Happy New Year!

  2. i have seen some of those and love them! now going to check out the rest…

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