Monday Reflections

It seems like spring has finally sprung, so to speak. The grass is shooting up (must’ve been all that rain) and the air is warm.
Never mind that we’re supposed to get more rain this week. I think we’re gearing up for a particularly wet year, if this weather carries on through the summer.

Rain can’t keep away the sunshine – ever. Saturday, at the end of a rainstorm, the sun came out while it was still raining and there was the most beautiful double rainbow in the sky. During the small pieces of time I was outside today, I mentally waltzed through the fields singing songs from the Sound of Music and thinking how glorious it was out.
Mentally, mind you.

As I walked grain out to one of our horses who isn’t feeling so well, the sun was beginning to set. The shadows were getting especially dark and twilight was starting to set in. I sat on the grass for a little while, just feeling the fresh air run through my lungs and hearing the earth beneath me.
Hearing the earth. Doesn’t that sound odd? I could have sworn I did. It was so real, so physically present… so alive.
Listen. You may hear it one day.
Three rabbits were chasing each other around the hillside, near the wood-edge. I don’t think they noticed me.

Is there a point to this post? No, not really. There’s no great revelation or set of pictures. It just is. And you know what?
That’s the way I love it.

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  1. This was truly beautiful ^_^. Thank you for sharing such a moment with us <3

  2. Beautiful photo Amanda! Sounds like a lovely weekend! 🙂

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