we’re all mad

“I think the lady did protest too much/
She wouldn’t take the flower from my hand.
She only saw the shadow of my circumstance/
Perception can’t describe what makes a man…”

“Sometimes beauty isn’t recognized/
When it contrasts with what you feel inside…”

“Who’s to say the darkened clouds must lead to rain/
Who’s to say the problems should just go away.
Who’s to point a finger at what’s not understood…”

“Life isn’t something/
You try on for size.
You can love without/
The give and take…”

“We’re all mad in our own way/
Colors paint the grey away.
Different people are the same/
Each reveals a meaning…”

(lyrics from We’re All Mad, by Natasha Bedingfield)
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  1. I totally understand these lyrics today!

  2. Beautiful photos and words.

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