Shabby Apple + Dresses = Love

Some of you might know that I absolutely adore the dresses at Shabby Apple. Their selection tends to promote modesty – more so than other stores. Because I’m so tall, buying dresses at other online retailers is a bit of a problem.

I especially love this collection… So beautiful, and so French.


If I were a really really lucky girl, I’d be offering to give one away to you all right now.

Unfortunately, I am not.

However, Shabby Apple is having a gigantic sale right now – you can take 20% off of your order, plus get free shipping. 🙂 This kind of makes me happy – I’m totally-way-to-much-shouldn’t-be-but-am considering getting something.

College? Who cares about college when there are pretty dresses around?

My common sense: “Go to bed Amanda. You’re obviously tired and seem to forget that next year you do go to college.”

Okay. I’m going to bed now. Why don’t you buy something gorgeous and tell me about it in the morning?


3 Replies to “Shabby Apple + Dresses = Love”

  1. Beautiful! I have looked at their dresses and love 😀 But, they are very expensive…so I haven't made lists.

    –Liz B

  2. Ooh! Beautiful! Finely, someone who has the same problem as me. I am very tall as well I know how hard it can be to find a dress that is not to short or to long. 🙂

  3. I think you are related to my DD2—you must be! LOL

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