What I Did On Fourth of July

I did watch fireworks. Only because my neighbors shoot them up, but that’s besides the point. 🙂

Something even more special happened though. I finally was able to meet my amazing photographer/writer friend Cara. She is absolutely adorable, and I love her to death.

We’ve figured out that we’re soul sisters. I’m the tall one and she’s the short one.

We are also insanely epic.

(Apologies for the tiny Skype-cropped image.)

She, being the amazing photographer she is, did several different photo shoots with me.

Isn’t she talented?


That’s what I did on Fourth of July weekend. What did you do? I’ve been reading some awesome posts in blogville about your weekend activities. 🙂 Just sayin’.

Because I say things…

A lot.

More than I mean to, sometimes.

But that’s okay, because you love me anyways. Right?


3 Replies to “What I Did On Fourth of July”

  1. Wow gorgeous pics! =D

  2. She really is an amazing photographer! You look beautiful! 🙂

  3. I love you to death, Amanda <3
    It's funny you mention I'm short, but in the pictures I look taller. 😛
    I had so much fun! We must do this again.

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