Book Reviews (on video)

So, being the cool person I am (*wink*), I decided to make a video sharing two of the books I’ve read recently. Unfortunately, because of bad lighting and it being late at night, I am not showing *me*. But you can totally hear me whispering into the mic.

And for the record, I am normally far louder, and talk with less “uhm”s and “anddd…”s. 😉

You also might want to know that you’ll probably be seeing these again, unless I get an overwhelming number of “omg we like you better with just text, Amanda!!!!! o.O” (I totally wouldn’t blame you. I have a hard time editing video because I hate watching or listening to myself. Just fyi.)

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  1. Yey!! 🙂 I liked this 🙂 I would like to see you too though dear. <3 Maybe next time speak up a wee bit more…even though yes, I could hear you. (I know it was late and everything — just pointing it out. My speakers aren't the greatest either.)

    –Liz B

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