Harmonium – Template Release

I promised a coding surprise for you all, yes?

a basic template for Blogger

I attempted to do several screenshots in order to make an amazing promo image, but because my brain is tired, and I’m not used to Photoshop, it didn’t quite work…
Instead, you all can see a live demo here.
About the template: Much of this is based off of the Minima template that Blogger once utilized. It is more open, however, and ready for header and sidebar customization. Probably the biggest thing about this release is that it already has the code for dropdown menus. Yup, that’s right. If you decide to put this template on your blog, all you’ll need to do is place the following code in a sidebar HTML widget. 

Just place your content where it says “sample”. To change the color of the menu bar, go to the edit HTML section of Blogger and press Crl +F. Copy this code into the bar that comes up, and it will take you there. Then replace the HTML color code with one of your choice.

 background: #97cbe1;

To download Harmonium, please right-click on this link and hit “save as”. Then, open the document (it’s a .txt document), and copy the code in it. Go to your HTML and check “expand widgets”. Then, replace that code with this code. Blogger will ask you whether you want to keep your widgets that you had previously – I’d definitely advise yes, unless you’re totally stripping your blog.


Hi. I’m Amanda. I love writing, traveling and Jesus, although you’ll also find that I appreciate good food and good photography. When I’m not working on homework, you’ll probably find me reading a good book or volunteering/working at whichever library I happen to be closest to.

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