Hello mountains. hello road trip


Hello beautiful sister


The best part about fall is that it signifies a more carefree time. The end of vegetable season approaches, for which I am very grateful. This weekend, we took a spontaneous road trip – thought of the day before – to the gorgeous national park. I took many, many photos, some of which are on my flickr. 
I’ll be going on another roadtrip soon, which of course will signify a plethora of pictures. (shhh, more details later.)

The video below is comprised of quite a few rough bits of video, mostly taken from a moving vehicle. The first part includes some… rather interesting excerpts from the audio for the video. I didn’t include the part where they found out I was taking video and started singing. I wouldn’t trade my family for anything.

What is your favorite road trip that you’ve 1. taken or 2. want to take?
Happy Monday, dear friends.

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