Eighteen before eighteen

I feel kind of wistful tonight. Cautious, empowered, motivated. It’s truly an odd sentiment. I’ve also been kind of lacking for posts lately. Plenty of ideas, but little time to photograph or craft videos.
Speaking of time, I’m incredibly happy that I have Christmas break next week. I’m also happy that I’ve gotten some of my shopping done. I’m not… very good at getting gifts on time.This post is inspired by Jocee’s fifteen before fifteen. I love the idea of having a set of goals to complete before you turn another year older.


{I wrote it down in this notebook. Have I ever told ya’ll that I got it in Israel? I love it…}
This is a list of goals, but also wishes and dreams. They may not come true in the next year, but I will be working towards helping them to come true in the future. *the ones in boldface are completed
1. enroll in college
2. graduate high school
3. visit a major newspaper’s press room
4. shoot senior pictures for at least one friend
5. travel out of the United States (again)
6. meet another online friend in person
7. visit DC
8. read all of Agatha Christie’s books
9. start piano again
10. host a photo challenge on this blog
11. finally get my provisional/license
12. compose a piano piece
13. go into a cheese shop and take too many pictures
14. go into a chocolate shop and do likewise
15. earn As in all high school and college classes
16. study at least one book of the Bible
17. participate in a theatre production
18. brush up on my French/learn a new language


currently listening to Seasons of Love from Rent (I might just be on a Broadway kick right now)

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