Cappuccino Swirls (recipe)

There’s something magical about baking. Yes, any teenage girl with a sweet tooth and a cookbook could tell you that. In my opinion, the true magic lies in who you’re baking with. Yesterday, instead of going straight home after work, I went over to my sweet friend J’s house. Last night we were both¬†deliriously tired, […]

Dear College: Spam Mail

This, my friends, is the result of saving mail. Saving college spam mail, specifically. Here’s a quick background if you’re new to my college ramblings. I’m a senior, graduating this spring. I’ve applied to and been accepted to three colleges – I’ll be attending my top school next fall. I really despise waste. Honestly, I’m […]

Inspiration Scrapbook (DIY)

There’s a bit of a blogging obsession with inspiration notebooks lately. I love the idea, but to be honest, finding a super-large notebook and gluing things into it never appealed to me.¬†Part of my resolution this year was to keep at least some sort of journal. I’m terrible at keeping journals, as they mostly tend […]

Mondays are Droll

Hello friends. How are you? Anything exciting going on in your lives? Do tell. If you’re confused about where to comment, look at the top right corner of this post – just click on that link. It’s been an insane start of the semester for me. Two weeks into it, I took a week to […]