Epcot (Disneyworld pt 3)

Out of all the parks we’ve visited so far, Epcot has been my absolute favorite. If you ever go to Disneyworld, make sure to stop by this park. Again, I’ve taken way too many photos, some of which I am thrilled to share with you.

(Canada Pavilion)farmgirl-0057.jpgfarmgirl-0040.jpgfarmgirl-0069.jpg(United Kingdom Pavilion)One of my favorite parts about this pavilion was the Tea Caddy. It’s full of lovely china, teas, and loads more. I’m definitely a tea addict, so much so that I ended up revisiting this shop later in the day. farmgirl-0087.jpgfarmgirl-0100.jpgfarmgirl-0102.jpgfarmgirl-0111.jpgfarmgirl-0118.jpgfarmgirl-0124.jpg

(France Pavilion) This was definitely another favorite. farmgirl-0127.jpgfarmgirl-0152.jpgfarmgirl-0167.jpgfarmgirl-0173.jpgfarmgirl-0175.jpgfarmgirl-0177.jpg

That’s all for now, friends!
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