Love Songs

Hello friends! As you read this, I’m probably at an important interview regarding the honors program at my college of choice. Your thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated.

This post, is therefore, music-related. I have to confess that I’m not that huge of a fan of most male voices. My iPod is full of female voices, with the exception of Broadway music and a few favorite bands.

Today, I’d like to show you my two favorite love songs sung by men. These songs… honestly, I could have them playing over and over again all day long. Despite my preference for the female voice.

1. Shooting Star – Air Traffic | (the video may not be entirely “appropriate” – PG-14 audience please.)


2. So Close – Jon McLaughlin | (from the movie Enchanted)

Have a lovely Friday, friends!


Hi. I’m Amanda. I love writing, traveling and Jesus, although you’ll also find that I appreciate good food and good photography. When I’m not working on homework, you’ll probably find me reading a good book or volunteering/working at whichever library I happen to be closest to.

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