Basic Meringues (recipe)


Meringues have a reputation of being rather difficult to work with. You have to beat the egg-white and sugar mixture until it’s impossibly stiff with a satin-y sheen. However, when creating these little treats over the weekend, I found them to be rather forgiving, and an easy thing to pop into the oven and forget about for three hours. (Yes, three hours. I’m not kidding in the slightest.)

A note on the sugar – I reduced it substantially from the original recipe, going on the rule that each egg-white requires 1/4C of sugar. Because I refuse to put 2+ cups of sugar in a meringue. That’s insane.

Plus, they don’t spread, so you can pack as many as humanly possible into a baking sheet. Like above.

adapted from this recipe


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  1. Your kitchen gets such good light! Random, I know — but our kitchen for some reason doesn't have good photography light. It's fine to work — and has two windows — but just not in photos. Oh well.

  2. Soo, somehow I've managed to subscribe to your blog in three different ways, because this article popped up in my feed three times 🙂 oh well. It looks delicious!

    1. Ha! It's weird, because when I took GFC off my blog, the updates started actually showing in the blogger feed. So ironic….

  3. Oh my!!! Delisiiiiiiioso!!! I want one! Or five.

    1. They break really easily, or else I'd totally be sending you some. 😛

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