Scarves, Horses and Glitter


This photoshoot I did with my sister Hannah last week is probably one of my favorites. It was gypsy-themed – complete with scarves, horses and of course, glitter. I’d show you more of the pictures, but my family has restrictions on the pictures of ma soeurs I can post here for everyone in the world to look at. Regardless, I’m excited to delve a bit more into shooting people, and shooting with Hannah is the best – as a photographer, she knows how to pose for the camera. It certainly makes my job easier and a bit more fun.

As if it could be any more fun. Seriously people? So much fun.

Have an amazing Thursday!

3 Replies to “Scarves, Horses and Glitter”

  1. lovely photos! and yep, still jealous of your horses. (:

  2. these are so epic! I love the glitter 🙂

  3. amazing photos! 🙂 i am afraid i am envious of your horse. 😛 beautiful!


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