dandelions and sunset

The sunset was beautiful. After packing eggs for market, I stumbled upon a gorgeous patch of dandelions – white, feather-like and magical. They were right there in the open. I’d passed the spot any number of times, but without seeing. Isn’t that true for many things in life? We get so preoccupied with our plans and wants that we don’t see the little blessings that occur every day.

And there they were. After coming home, I laid about restlessly, until I remembered the dandelions. The sun was setting, and I grabbed my camera (and tripod). I had a set of images in mind. I’m having trouble getting people to help me with photographs lately, so I figured that I’d experiment with the timer on my camera. And so I did. The images I had in mind didn’t turn out. I couldn’t get the focus right, I just couldn’t get anything right, so I just went with what I got. Instead of getting my planned images, I captured out-of-focus images that were kissed with beautiful sunbeams. It was as if they’d strayed from a dream.

And so I went with them. Here they are, friends.

Don’t forget the little blessings.

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  1. That is a lovely post! 🙂 The little things are [most of the time] the things that shine the brightest and leave the greatest memories. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

    -Mikailah @ http://www.maid4him.blogspot.com — come by sometime. 🙂

  2. Ahh, these are so gorgeous! I love dandelions 🙂

  3. These pictures are so pretty and whimsical!
    Dandelions are the best. (:

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