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April 2012
April 23, 2012

Here Is What I Love

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white flowers // lambs out grazing // sunset behind the cedars // cloud of dust from horse hooves // sunset against the pasture (two slightly different angles. it’s amazing what a small difference in exposure that can make) It’s raining again. The roof outside my window is spattered with drops, but the sun still shines. I must go check for a rainbow. Thank God for the rain. I’m reading Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts. So beautiful. I’ve also managed to polish off three Agatha Christie’s over the weekend. On a side note (if there can be any concept of

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The sunset was beautiful. After packing eggs for market, I stumbled upon a gorgeous patch of┬ádandelions – white, feather-like and magical. They were right there in the open. I’d passed the spot any number of times, but without seeing. Isn’t that true for many things in life? We get so preoccupied with our plans and wants that we don’t see the little blessings that occur every day. And there they were. After coming home, I laid about restlessly, until I remembered the dandelions. The sun was setting, and I grabbed my camera (and tripod). I had a set of images

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