On Excessive Planning

I’m really good at being a control freak. I like to plan excessively for things, and often have a picture in my head detailing exactly how I want them to be. Two of my talent themes are futuristic and maximizer (i.e. perfectionist). So often, I have unrealistic expectations. When things don’t work out how I […]


Sometimes the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon is to have tea with a friend. A refreshing blueberry tea on a hot day, with lots of chocolate, is the best. Seriously. Add that to good company, and we’re set. p.s. The winner of the pink swirl earrings is Katherine (comment #3).   

Visual Flavor – Coffee Beans

I don’t drink coffee, but I absolutely love the smell/look of coffee beans. Storytime – my dad is a coffee purist. French Press, grinder, and he drinks it straight black. I tried coffee when I was in Israel. If you’ve ever been, you know that Arab coffee is intense. Like, drink-it-in-a-shot-glass kind of intense. Long […]