Senior Pictures (preview)

The incredibly talented Ellie shot my senior photos yesterday. I’m pretty sure I just about died from delight when I saw the previews on Facebook. This picture is one of my favorites.


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  1. eep! I creeped on these on Facebook this morning 🙂 they are all so gorgeous! I love your smile here 🙂

    1. Speaking of creeping, my mission in life is now to find YOU on facebook! :3 And thanks, chica!

    2. I mean, that does sound really evil of me. But… psh. you know…

      1. bahahaha! I didn't really creep on you, I just liked Ellie's page a few weeks ago and they popped up 🙂 but, um, good luck!

        1. haha, I know. I didn't get far. :3

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