Three conference calls, several rushed essays, and a drive to and from the city. Let’s add the panic of seeing the dreaded “your domain name has expired” email, and thankfulness that my sweet mom loaned me money to pay it. I’m a photo contest finalist at Lucia’s, and may have gotten an interview for a summer internship.

Life is good. Absolutely crazy. But insanely good.

I’m off to write an article, fill out papers, and get to sleep for that 4:00am wake-up call for market.



Hi. I’m Amanda. I love writing, traveling and Jesus, although you’ll also find that I appreciate good food and good photography. When I’m not working on homework, you’ll probably find me reading a good book or volunteering/working at whichever library I happen to be closest to.

3 Responses to “Today

  • I loooove your "night" photo! Voted for you! :)

  • I love the times when life is completely and utterly insane — that really good things come out of it (i.e. you being a photo finalist, your domain being saved!). I will go vote for your photo too. I hope it wins!

  • Yes!! People often think that 'reality' is only the boring, dull, hard & usual. But it's also the indefinable or inexpressible goodness. <3

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