Goodbye August

Oh, August.

Most of June was spent in Oxford. Most of July was spent at the library or knee-deep in research work. But August. August was different, in that, between work and studying, I found time to have a bit of summer.




At the end of July (which counts as August in this post), Liz came to visit me for a weekend. We braved DC and the tourists, and had photoshoots in the streets of Alexandria. It was a weekend of cafes, cupcakes and laughs. On Saturday night we saw dog & pony dc’s A Killing Game (my second time, Liz’s first).




The next weekend, some friends and I headed for Assateague Island.


The next week, my friend Kara came to visit. (We may or may not have ridden the carousel on the National Mall because of the dragon.) That day consisted of a culinary tour of DC (a student’s definition of a culinary tour, that is).



Elizabeth Brunne-0019


Elizabeth Brunne-0010



Now August is almost over, and I am once again back at school. After a week of training and honors orientation, I’ve started classes. Five today. Two tomorrow. Six on Thursday. A course-load of English classes, which I’m so excited about.

August is leaving, but you know what? I’m totally okay with that. I can’t wait to see where this fall takes me.


Next on tap: photos of Wales

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  1. Meredith Sledge says: Reply

    Loooove the first photo!!!! These are all great though! Miss ya!

  2. I love the haze in the photo of the girl in the red polka-dotted dress, and the last photo (your black and white)!

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