New Camera

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 One of the things I’m really excited about is my recent camera upgrade. I loved my D5000 – I’ve shot most of my portfolio with it, and it’s survived Spain (including a particularly rainy day in Madrid) and England (many many rainy days there). It’s been a trooper, and has been amazing to learn on. However, for technical reasons, I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a better Nikon. Until December, it was a bit cost-prohibative, but I was able to find a good deal on the Nikon D90 a few weeks before Christmas!

The reason that you haven’t seen it on the blog before this is because of, well, Christmas. Some of you know that my mom blogs over at Everyday Ruralty (you should check it out). I decided to surprise her with my D5000 for Christmas, which is why I had to keep it on the down-low. However, I still snuck it out a few times, and even managed to keep it a secret (yay!).

So, here’s to a New Year, with a new camera (& new blogging schedule, & new classes).
(Pictures shot over break at the farm with said new camera.)






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