Style Crush – Lucy Liu

In case you haven’t been watching my Twitter and Instagram this weekend, I’ve been watching Elementary. To be more specific, I spent the entire afternoon yesterday watching part of Season 1, and I’ll probably be watching more tonight, after a dinner engagement.

In terms of street-style and fashion, Elementary is absolutely amazing. I’m a massive fan of Lucy Liu, so I’ve definitely fallen in love with her impeccable wardrobe. Definitely one of the best dressed Watsons I’ve seen, and arguably one of the most fashionable (modern – I won’t attempt to compete with Poirot) characters in mystery television.

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5 Replies to “Style Crush – Lucy Liu”

  1. Yay! Another Lucy fan! She is awesome!

  2. I love her street style look

  3. I've never seen this but I agree! Her fashion is awesome!

  4. Victoria Sneden says: Reply

    I've never seen the show but Lucy Liu is awesome..definitely going to check it out though. Thanks for the recc!

  5. Raewyn Sangari says: Reply

    I absolutely love Elementary! Lucy Liu's outfits are always impeccable!

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