Wrapping Up Summer

When I was small, summers used to seem like infinite stretches of days and weeks. It never ended, just like the farm work and the weeds never ended. I think the combination of age, and of working 9-5 + a commute has made the summer go much faster this year than any before this, but […]

On Blogging (pt. 1)

When I first moved to school, I didn’t tell anyone that I wrote a blog. I think my roommate (hi Charlotte!) knew, but other than that, I kept this little corner of the internet to myself during the first year. Then I ended up confessing to one of my friends or professors at some point, […]

Reflections on Hallelujah

Tonight I was folding laundry in my way-too-messy-to-discuss dorm room. With music, because obviously, that’s the only way to fold laundry. I pulled out an older playlist on my Spotify, and one of the songs that came on was Allison Crowe’s cover of Hallelujah. It’s no secret that I love this song. I adore her […]