April Instagram Collection

first row: 1. summer reading. 2. home for Easter. 3. strangers at Starbucks. second row: 4. Killer ESP. 5. Mother’s day/recital flowers. 6. the farm at sunset. third row: 7. exam-taking. 8. the Potomac at sunset. 9. final papers. fourth row: 10. Easter flowers. 11. tea for a 10-3am work shift. 12. springtime at Marymount. I’ve never been […]

Travel: Espania Revisited

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ve been wanting to post some more photos from Spain last year, but never ended up getting around to it because of Oxford. So, I went through my archives and dug these out for you. My one regret is not carrying my camera around with me more. I […]