Taking Stock in a Freeze Frame

making a lot of really terrible watercolor sketches of flora and fauna. I’ve been posting the good ones on my Instagram page recently. drinking tea, as per usual. I’m starting to fall into a rut with my morning brew, however. I think I need to try some new teas and add them into my daily rotation. Lately […]


Pausing to be brave to live beauty to exist greater than the sum of all my small parts as I awake to the sound of sunrise the pause the beginning of prayer   I have the greatest of intentions, at least. My vow this Lent was to write something every day. Not just Instagram post captions […]

saying yes

Lately I’ve caught myself wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t said yes. If I hadn’t said yes to being here, to living in a monastery for a year. Yes to living an overwhelming, transforming, grace-filled life, full stop, day and night, up close and personal. Yet here I am. Two thirds of the […]