Pausing to be brave to live beauty to exist greater than the sum of all my small parts as I awake¬†to the sound of sunrise the pause the beginning of prayer   I have the greatest of intentions, at least. My vow this Lent was to write something every day. Not just Instagram post captions […]

saying yes

Lately I’ve caught myself wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t said yes. If I hadn’t said yes to being here, to living in a monastery for a year. Yes to living an overwhelming, transforming, grace-filled life, full stop, day and night, up close and personal. Yet here I am. Two thirds of the […]

Planting (2)

It snowed a few days ago, but I don’t feel like the world is quite so cold and dead because I’m looking out the window over a planter full of tiny micro greens, happily craning their heads to the weak sun. It’s hard, in fact, to see anything but life and growth in my windows […]